The Yummy range stands for Cool Fun & Wellbeing

Mani created the ‘Yummy’ range to meet snacking needs: a cool, healthy and guilt-free snack. No added elements such as preservatives, food colouring or artificial flavours.

We have created 3 different types of packs in this range to suit every moment of consumption. ie, to be shared with friends, or as individual portions that have been carefully balanced to offer a healthy snack or a quick boost of guilt-free energy.

The Yummy range includes various recipes, which include nothing more than the mixtures of dried fruits and nuts, and our well kept secrets of natural herbs and spices and nothing else!

3 different sizes of Yummy packs
  • YUMMY Regular

    Share with family or friends for the trivial or grand occasions.

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  • YUMMY Small

    Ideally portioned for a solitary and ‘on-the-go’ snacking break.

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  • YUMMY Extra Small

    For the brief and limited energy boost we sometimes need.

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