Company Profile

Mani Foods is a Nuts and Dried Fruit Company with a heritage of over 120 years. Mani has a strong background in agriculture and food manufacturing, passed down from generation to generation. It has a world class product offering, produced in a state-of-the art factory, based in Dubai, UAE.

Mani stands for healthy snacking. Every Mani Product promises nutrition, health and well-being in every bite. Mani snacks offer you nature's goodness of nuts and dried fruit, sourced from the best farms around the world

Mani's modern production process ensures that the products are carefully selected, roasted and flavoured naturally, without frying or use of oil, to offers you wholesome natural goodness. It has a range of delicious snacking products, based on nuts and dried fruit, in various combinations and flavours.

Mani products provide instant energy and fulfill your snacking needs without any guilt. Mani has a great impulse range of products which are fun to share at home or on the move.

Mani's mission is to meet the needs of consumers by driving innovation in this growing category and creating a healthy, yummy and guilt-free snacking alternative.

We trust you will enjoy our products and encourage your feedback on any aspect of our business.

What makes Mani Unique?

Unlike other brands and products in the market, Mani products are roasted – not fried. This is possible due to our latest equipment and technology, which gives great tasting nuts and dried fruit products for discerning and health conscious consumers.

Mani products are sourced from the top international suppliers, who source the raw material from farms based in US, Brazil, Spain, India and Turkey. A four-way sorting process, including laser sorting technology, ensures that we bring the best possible nuts and dried fruits from the farms to you in a beautiful , convenient and contemporary packaging. New innovative recipes present mouth-watering varieties to enhance your snacking experience.